RENU 28®

The high effective and at the same time easy skin therapy

RENU 28®


52,50€ for Retail Customer
42,50€ for Associate* or Preferred Customer
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Improved cell communication
This foundational whole-body gel based on redox signaling technology improves the health of your skin, adding smoothness, evening texture, and increasing moisture.

Natural regeneration
Renu 28 accelerates the regeneration of all skin cells and is specifically designed to work with your body's natural processes to maintain a healthier-looking you. It is not just for face but for the whole body.

How to use
On the body simply onto your skin, if necessary several times a day.
In face apply active redox signaling molecules after cleaning directly onto your skin. If necessary use a moisturizer after. Combinable with all skin care products.

RENU 28 earned the 5-star clinically tested seal of an internationally recognized third party laboratory, its highest possible commendation.

  1. Revitalising
  2. Preservative- and paraben-free
  3. Without colorant
  4. Clinically and dermatologically tested
  5. Non-comedogenic
  6. Hypoallergenic
  7. For all skin types
  8. No toxic substances
  9. No animal testing


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Simple and effective whole-body skin repair gel

RENU 28 Technology
The technology behind RENU 28 improves the skin texture with just 4 ingredients. With daily application you are giving your skin rejuvenating redox signaling molecules that improve wrinkles overall, facial skin texture, skin smoothness, skin elasticity and skin moisture. No matter what your trouble spots may be, RENU 28 can improve your skin at the cellular level.

Help for all topics
RENU 28 can be applied onto the skin for all types. The powerful science of redox signaling in RENU 28 enables a gentle and effective treatment, supporting the natural processes your body already has in place.


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